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A Covid Christmas...

December 26, 2021

Well, it happened - I got hit by Covid this Christmas. This lover of ALL foods and holiday food traditions did not get to experience one single one this year. I have had major food aversions and the thought of most food makes me nauseous (except for the good old trusty cinnamon toast).

My 3 teenage boys were in charge of Christmas this year. They picked up pizza for Christmas Eve dinner. Had leftover pizza for Christmas Brunch and then they picked up Chinese food for Christmas dinner!! They were in heaven!

So, I froze our standing rib roast and can't wait to be feeling better so that I can cook that with yorkshire pudding! Hopefully one day soon!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, spent with their families!! And I hope that you are enjoying this week! Happy belated and blessed Christmas to you all! I will be laying low for a little bit longer. Stay healthy and safe!



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