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Acadia National Park

July 16, 2020

I love when "memories" pop up on my Facebook page. Especially this year since we have basically been stuck at home since March. Usually in mid July our summer lacrosse season comes to an end. So we take advantage of a few sports free weeks, pack up my minivan and hit the road for a nice long road trip. We want to see as much of this beautiful country of ours as we can with our boys. Our goal is to see as many National Parks as we can. Last summer we visited five National Parks out west. This year we were supposed to either drive out to Glacier National Park or down to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Sadly, it is looking like we are not making those trips this year.

I am missing our annual road trip so much! It has become something that I really look forward to. There is something very freeing about it! So I was super excited when the "memories" showed me pictures from our trip to Acadia National Park from two summers ago. It brought back such fond memories of beautiful Maine. The rocky coastlines, the big beautiful sky, the amazing water views, the incredible lobster dinners and of course the wild blueberries that seem to grow everywhere.

Today I am going to be inspired by those blueberries and make a sweet treat with them! And dream about being back in beautiful Acadia National Park...

What could be better than this?!

The best dinner ever!

Beautiful Jordan Pond

Cadillac Mountain - you could see forever!

The wild blueberries grew everywhere!

I am so thankful for these memories and for all of the amazing places that we have been able to see. Our National Parks are incredible! Where were you hoping to visit this summer?

Check back later for an amazing blueberry treat!

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