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Aperol Spritz

May 8, 2020's Mother's Day WEEK!! This is the perfect feminine, light and refreshing drink to sip on! All of you amazing moms out there deserve this special drink! And you are getting even more healthy Vitamin C!! Cheers ladies! (and gents too!!)

Prosecco, chilled

Aperol liqueur

Orange slices

Seltzer water

Ice cubes

Fill your glass with ice. Fill halfway with Prosecco. Add Aperol to make it 3/4 full and top off the glass with seltzer (I used grapefruit seltzer). Squeeze an orange slice in it and add to the glass for a gorgeous and healthy garnish.

Cheers to a wonderful Mother's Day weekend! If the weather is going to be yucky, we might as well have a beautiful and sunny drink!

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