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Back in nature again...Spruce Knob Lake

June 15, 2020

We decided to push my old minivan again and take the partial four wheel drive up the Appalachian mountain to Spruce Knob Lake today for some fishing. What a gorgeous lake! With all of the pine trees, it reminded me of the Alpine lakes of Colorado. And it almost felt like it was our very own private lake! There weren't many people on this lake at all.

The boys fished while I walked the gorgeous trail around the lake with Wilson. This trail reminded me a lot of the Jordan Pond trail, minus the crowds. I had it to myself and it was such a peaceful hike. And I have never seen so many different types of butterflies. The boys even got some swimming in today! Not too many fish in the lake but we enjoyed this much needed change of scenery!

Get out in is so good for the soul!

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