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Breakfast sandwiches for a crowd - make 12 sandwiches fast!

July 23, 2020

My family loves breakfast sandwiches! But breakfast sandwiches can be so expensive when you order them out for a family of five. And to make them yourself can be so exhausting and time consuming. I had to figure out an easier way!! And I did! This recipe makes it so easy, fast and inexpensive to make 12 breakfast sandwiches.

It is so great to always have breakfast sandwiches on hand in our house. In addition to being the best breakfast, they are also the perfect snack for before or after lacrosse or football practice! We joke that our 3 teenage boys are like Hobbits with their "second breakfasts". I love that we always have these in the fridge for them. Since they are so easy to make, you will too!

Breakfast Sandwiches for a Crowd

Makes 12 sandwiches


12 eggs

1/4 cup milk

Salt and pepper to taste

12 oz. bacon

2 packs of English muffins

12 slices of American cheese

  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

  2. In a mixer beat together the eggs, milk, salt and pepper.

  3. Spray a 12 cup muffin tin with cooking spray.

  4. Ladle the beaten eggs into the muffin tins. Filling 3/4 of the way full.

  5. Slice the English muffins in half and place onto two sheet pans.

  6. Place the eggs in the oven and cook for 12 minutes.

  7. Add the English muffins to the oven and continue to cook them and the eggs for an additional 10 minutes.

  8. While the English muffins and eggs are cooking, cook the bacon on the stove.

  9. Take the eggs and English muffins out of the oven and assemble your breakfast sandwiches.

  10. Place the egg on top of the English muffin half.

  11. Put a slice of cheese and bacon on top of the egg.

  12. Top with the other English muffin half and use your palm to flatten the top of the sandwich so that the egg flattens to fill the whole sandwich.

  13. Repeat until done.

I like to wrap each breakfast sandwich individually and then stack them in the English muffin bag. This makes it the perfect way to store them in your refrigerator.

My boys love it when they can just go into the fridge and grab a delicious breakfast sandwich to heat up! These breakfast sandwiches freeze great too!

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