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Buying meat in bulk to save money...

June 10, 2021

Does anyone else only buy their meat in bulk?

With 3 teenage boys in my house, this is the only way that I buy our meat. I always look for the big "meat sales" at our local farmer's market and I load up our freezer. I love having a freezer filled with meat. It makes meal planning so much easier and I save so much money buying our meat in bulk.

The price of beef has gone up so much this past year. London Broils have become our steak dinner lately because the strip steaks are so expensive. So when I saw that our market had New York Strip Steaks on sale for only $5.99/lb., I bought the max that I could of 20 pounds. Ground beef was on sale for only $2.49/lb. so I loaded up on that as well.

I gave my vacuum sealer quite a workout today but I am happy to have a freezer full of beef and I cannot wait for some great cookouts this summer! And think of all of the money that I saved! Do you buy meat like this too?

Yes, those two bags are filled with NY Strip Steaks! 32 NY Strip Steaks! Wow!

I think that we are set for a long time!

The best way to freeze ground beef is to use the vacuum sealer and flatten the beef with the palm of your hand.

Then you just fold over the excess plastic and they are easy to stack...

Without taking up much room in the freezer at all. Plus they defrost so much faster when you freeze them this thinly.

Look at much beef you can freeze when you vacuum seal them this way! That is over 30 pounds of beef and it does not take up too much room in your freezer at all!

And I promise, we do eat chicken too! But I could not pass up this sale on beef!

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