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Caesar Salad Bar with Zesty Italian Grilled Chicken

September 9, 2021

With school starting and football season in high gear, we have had one super busy week. That means that we all have to eat at different times and this is the best dinner for nights like this!

Do you remember the Zesty Italian Grilled Chicken that we grilled on Labor Day? It is perfect for busy nights like this. I chopped up the chicken and made a Caesar salad bar on our kitchen island, with all of the fixings...shredded parmesan cheese, Caesar salad dressing and croutons. Now everyone can make a healthy salad whenever they want to tonight for dinner. And I got a night off from cooking. It is a win-win for ALL!!

Zesty Italian Grilled Chicken Recipe:

With this yummy leftover grilled chicken, it is SO easy to put together an amazing salad bar for dinner. Just put everything out on your counter and dinner is served whenever anyone wants it...

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