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Campfire Baked Potatoes

June 16, 2020

We make these simple potatoes every time that we go camping! Everyone loves them and they are a breeze to make! Even if you aren't camping you can keep the heat out of your kitchen and cook the Campfire Baked Potatoes in your fire pit. They couldn't be easier!

Campfire Baked Potatoes


Red Skinned Potatoes

Aluminum foil



Sour cream


Optional: chives

  1. Get a good campfire going.

  2. Wash your potatoes and pat dry with a towel.

  3. Pierce the potato with a fork 3 times. Flip the potato and pierce the other side 3 more times.

  4. Take aluminum foil and wrap each potato tightly with the foil.

  5. When your fire has some hot coals going, take the foil wrapped potatoes and place them right in the coals

  6. Flip the potatoes every 10 to 15 minutes. You want to make sure that it cooks evenly.

  7. The potatoes should be done in about 45 minutes. They will be fork tender. This depends on how hot the fire is and how big the potatoes are.

  8. Carefully remove from the fire and carefully unwrap the potatoes when the foil has cooled.

  9. Slice in half and serve with butter, salt, pepper and chives.

I am so sad that I forgot to cut some chives to pack for this camping trip because those are amazing on baked potatoes!

Make sure that you eat the delicious skins on these Campfire Baked Potatoes! My boys think that they taste like french fries! Yum!

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