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Cheers to a fantastic weekend!

August 14, 2020

Yay! We just arrived to one of my most favorite places in western Pennsylvania. This crisp cold Coca-Cola from Mexico hits the spot! Isn't this the best way to enjoy a Coke?

Usually on Friday nights I post a special cocktail to kick off this weekend! Tonight I will be cracking open a cold, local IPA while sitting around the campfire with my family. I am so excited to take my boys camping to the same place that I grew up camping every summer. And my husband and I camped here in our 20's.

Ohiopyle State Park is such a a special place to me. I have nothing but the best of memories from here - where we would whitewater raft down "The Yough". The Youghagany River is gorgeous! I can't wait to share all of my favorite camping spots from my youth with my boys! As well as some good camping and grilling recipes with you all!

Happy Friday all!

Cheers! I hope that you all have a wonderful weekend!

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