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Cheers to a wonderful 2021!

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

January 2, 2021

I am sitting here, reflecting on 2020. I first started this page back in April of 2020, as a way to help my friends out in the kitchen during the early days of quarantine. I have always loved to cook and entertain. At the time, I thought that it would be a month - tops. And here we are, almost a year later. I thank you ALL for joining me on this venture. This group has been such a positive and welcome escape from any negativity and I thank you ALL for making that way. We all need positivity in any way that we can get it this year, right?!

I know that many of you have not been a part of this page since the beginning so I wanted to give you my blog's history. Last April a cardinal constantly came to my visit our house. I will tell you, this cardinal was very persistent but at the same time it was comforting. I kept on getting a voice that told me to follow my true the kitchen. To make cooking easy for all and form a positive place during this trying time.

I may sound crazy to some but the persistence of my cardinal friend made me do some research about them. Many believe that cardinals represent loved ones who have passed. And after this year, I wholeheartedly agree. I do believe that the cardinal who gave me the confidence to "go for it" and start this page was my grandmother. She loved to read cookbooks at night, just like I do. And I know that she loves seeing all of her china, silver and hand cross stitched linens being used with love.

This Christmas I was gifted several items with a bright red cardinal on them. A coincidence? I think not. Listen to those voices and follow them. And if you are enjoying this page, please share with your friends and family.

Thank you ALL for being my "community" and my bright spot of 2020. I know that 2021 will shine bright! Especially with your positivity!

Cheers to you all for being my positive place this year. And cheers to a better and happier 2021!

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