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Christmas Card Joy!

December 19, 2022

Who else absolutely loves receiving Christmas and holiday cards? I do!

I look forward to going to the mailbox each day to find cards from friends and family. It makes my day to see how the kids have grown and to hear what everyone is up to. I especially love the photos! I love to hang them on my wall - so that I can look at them often during the Christmas season.

I love writing out my cards just as much. As I write and address them, I love how it instantly brings back a flood of memories - thinking of all of the fun times spent with each recipient. I almost skipped sending cards this year but now I am SO glad that I didn’t. I am thankful for those memories and for being blessed with so many wonderful friendships through the years.

I love this holiday tradition so much!! In this digital age, there is absolutely nothing better than an actual card, sent with love. Don’t you agree?! It’s these types of traditions that make the holiday season so magical!

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