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Cranberry Citrus Vodka Cocktail

December 10, 2022

I have had a lot of people ask how I like to serve my Homemade Cranberry and Orange Vodka - so I wanted to share with you my favorite cocktail to serve with it...

I love this Cranberry Citrus Vodka Cocktail so much! I love to crack open a jar of my homemade Cranberry Orange Vodka. It's perfect for this super festive holiday cocktail, with lots of citrus! Vodka and citrus always go so well together and the cranberries add the perfect holiday touch. It's so light and refreshing!

Cheers to a wonderful, fun filled holiday season!! Enjoy this special and magical time of the year!

Cranberry Citrus Vodka Cocktail


2 oz. Homemade cranberry orange vodka (please find the link to this recipe below)

Lime seltzer water

Lots of slices of citrus (lemon, lime and orange)

Ice cubes

  1. Fill a glass with ice cubes.

  2. Pour in your vodka and a few of the cranberries.

  3. Add slices of lemon, limes and oranges.

  4. Top off your glass with the seltzer water.

  5. Give it a stir and enjoy!

How to make homemade Cranberry and Orange Vodka:

If you are having a party, a pitcher of this cocktail looks so beautiful! Isn't this the most festive cocktail?! Plus it is so light and refreshing!

I hope that you have a wonderful weekend filled doing the things that you love!

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