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Easy Crock Pot Corned Beef

March 15, 2023

St. Patrick's Day is coming up!! I love this fun and festive holiday! And I love all of our St. Paddy's Day traditions! It wouldn't be St. Patrick's Day without one of my favorites...Corned Beef! This is the easiest way to make it ever! And it comes out perfectly EVERY time in the slow cooker!

Easy Crock Pot Corned Beef


One Corned Beef Brisket with Spice Packet

One can or bottle of beer

  1. Take the corned beef brisket out of its package and rinse well with water. This cuts down the saltiness but trust me, you do not loose any flavor at all because this meat is cured in a salt brine.

  2. Place the corned beef brisket into your slow cooker with the side that has the layer of fat on top.

  3. Pour the beer over the corned beef brisket.

  4. Sprinkle on the enclosed spice packet over top.

  5. Put the lid on your slow cooker and cook on low for 8 hours.

  6. After 8 hours, take the corned beef brisket out of the slow cooker and cut off that top layer of fat and discard the fat. Or if you prefer the fat, you can just leave it on.

  7. Let the meat rest for five minutes and then slice the corned beef across the grain into thin slices.

Note: If you like cabbage with your corned beef, you can add 2 inch thick slices of cabbage on top of your brisket and then cook for 8 hours on low. Then you easily have corned beef and cabbage for your St. Patrick's Day dinner! All in your slow cooker!

It is time to put the lid on...

After cooking all day...

Cut off the layer of fat if you would like...

Slice and serve...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

This is one of my favorite and easiest meals! After St. Patrick's Day passes, these corned beef briskets always go on sale. So I load up my freezer with them so that we can enjoy Reuben sandwiches all year long!

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