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Eating out in a winter wonderland...

December 24, 2020

Indoor dining in not allowed in our state of Pennsylvania right now because of the virus. Our local restaurants have gone to great lengths to do their best to stay open during these trying times. But this restaurant went above and beyond. We are really trying to support our local restaurants so we decided to go out for an early dinner last night. This restaurant set up individual greenhouses outside. Each with it's own fireplace. It was the most magical atmosphere ever! We sat there and watched the sunset through the clear walls. We watched the Christmas lights grow brighter and brighter as night time arrived. And when we were done with dinner, and walked out of our private dining space, we entered the most beautiful winter wonderland! It really felt like Christmas! A dining experience like no other!

Happy Christmas Eve!

Honestly, isn't this so magical and festive?! Have a wonderful Christmas Eve!

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