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Finding inspiration for dinner from our local farm stand...

September 1, 2020

I absolutely love living out in the county! I love the relaxing sounds of nature. I love hearing the goats and roosters in the farm behind my house. But most of all, I love all of the local farms and farm stands in my area! They make me so happy! I am finding that during this peak vegetable and fruit season I am saving so much more money making more veggie based meals! I just love driving up to the farm stand to see what they are selling at a good price. This eggplant was only $1.00!! I will plan my meals around my finds as you cannot beat local foods, that are in season, for such amazing prices! It is a win win for all! I am supporting our local farms, we are eating healthy and I am saving money! I LOVE country living! And I love all of this gorgeous produce! I can't wait to get cooking!

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