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Friday Night Lights

August 28, 2021

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.”

-Friday Night Lights

I wish that I could say that my eyes were clear at last night's game. My eyes swelled up with happy tears as soon as I stepped out of my car last night. I couldn't contain my emotions. It warmed my heart to see the team together on the field, to see fans lined up at the gate to get in, to see the stands full again and to hear the awesome music from the school band! Most of all I loved seeing these kids together, in the stands. Finally able to be together like this and to cheer on their team again, with their friends!

I especially loved the excitement of the team to be back on the fields again! My son is a sophomore and did not have a school football season last year. So he was in heaven being there, on the field, for his first "Friday Night Lights" game! And to top it all off - they won 21-3!

The past couple of years have really made me stop and savor all of the happy moments and last night was one of the best!! I am so thankful and my heart is so full!

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