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Friends who can brighten a rainy quarantine day!

April 24, 2020

I don't know about you guys, but rainy quarantine days are much harder than sunny days! This cold and rainy weather was putting me in the dumps today. Then the most amazing series of events happened. I received the most thoughtful, handwritten note with a super special gift in the mail. Next my doorbell rang and an AMAZING "care package" from two different friends was left for me at my front door. It was so fun to hear her car honk "hello!" and see her big wave from afar. And if she is sharing her quatantine Tito's, you know that is pure love!

I am now smiling from ear to ear and my heart is happy and full of love. Before quarantine, we were so over scheduled. It warms my soul to see these simple pleasures brought back into our lives again. Write those notes, drop off something special for your loved ones. Spread the love! Cheers to special friends and to us all getting through this "together"!

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