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Frozen Tropical Fruit Cocktail

September 4, 2020

Happy Labor Day weekend! I always look forward to this long weekend! Usually we spend it with my mom and her husband at the beach but are unable to this year, because of Coronavirus. I am missing my mom and the beach SO much this year! It has been over a year since I last had my toes in the sand! And I haven't been able to see my mom since January. So for my special Friday night cocktail, I am making a Frozen Tropical Fruit Cocktail that is so refreshing and tastes like a beach getaway! I can sip and dream of hearing those ocean waves and soaking in the sun's rays!

Frozen Tropical Fruit Cocktail

(Makes two servings)


2 1/2 cups frozen tropical fruit

3/4 cup pineapple juice

3 to 4 oz. spiced rum

Add the frozen fruit, pineapple juice and spiced rum to the blender. Turn on the blender and mix until it is nice and smooth. Pour into two glasses.

Enjoy right away and dream of a tropical getaway! Someday!! Ahhhh!

I love the way that certain flavors can bring back fond memories! This Frozen Tropical Fruit Cocktail is definitely giving me beach vibes tonight! I hope that you have a wonderful long weekend!

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