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Fudge Stripe S'mores

July 10, 2022

Have you ever had Fudge Stripes S'mores before? We went camping back in 2020 and our store was out of Hershey bars so I picked up a pack of Fudge Stripes cookies and marshmallows and discovered a new and easier take on the classic S'more.

We love these! The chocolate of the cookie melts instantly when the hot marshmallow hits it - making the best fireside dessert! I love that it is cheaper and easier! And it is so delicious! Happy accidents are the best!

Fudge Stripes S'mores


Large marshmallows

Package of fudge stripe cookies

Stick to roast the marshmallows

Couldn't be easier! Just roast your marshmallow to a perfect golden color over the fire (or light it on fire like my boys do!). Then sandwich the cooked marshmallow in between two fudge stripe cookies!

A combination that was just meant to be!

Just look at this Fudge Stripe S'more!!!! The hot and gooey marshmallow melts the chocolate from the cookie perfectly!

This is the easiest, no cook dessert to serve at your next party. Just light up the fire pit and let everyone have some fun making their own Fudge Stripe S'more! Guaranteed to be a hit!

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