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Grape Transfusion Cocktail

September 30, 2022

Are you looking for a special cocktail to enjoy this weekend? Well, look no further! A Grape Transfusion Cocktail is the one for you!

Have you ever heard of a Transfusion Cocktail? I was first introduced to this cocktail years ago, at a couples golf outing. I was a nervous wreck to play because I am not exactly the best golfer. And I get nervous when I golf with new people. I had a few of these delicious cocktails that afternoon, loosened up, and had a blast. I have loved this drink ever since.

The grape flavor flavor brings back memories from my childhood. I have always loved grape juice! And mixed with vodka and ginger ale makes it even better! They are all so amazing together! Cheers to a wonderful weekend!!

Grape Transfusion Cocktail



2 oz. Vodka

3 oz. Grape Juice

3 oz. Ginger Ale (or you can sub club soda)

Fill up a glass with ice. Add the vodka, grape juice and ginger ale to the glass. Stir and enjoy chilled! So delicious!

This is a perfect cocktail to serve at a party too. Everyone always loves it and it looks beautiful when you make a whole pictcher of this Grape Transfusion Cocktail. I love to put frozen grapes in with the pitcher to help keep the cocktail chilled! Cheers all!

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