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Happy Belated National Rosé Day! With a way to keep rosé wine super chilled...

June 13, 2021

Say it isn't so?! How did I miss a day that celebrates one of my favorite summertime wines?! I was out all day yesterday at a basketball tournament and I just found out that yesterday was National Rosé Day! Well, I say that it is never too late to celebrate, right?!

I like to keep my Rosé wine really cold. Especially on a hot summer day! So in the summer, I like to fill an ice cube tray with rosé wine and freeze it. Then you simply add the rosé ice cubes to your wine glass and fill with chilled rosé wine. It works great in keeping the rosé wine super chilled! Even on the hottest of days. And the best part is that you do not dilute your wine at all! Try it! Cheers to a happy Sunday!! And a glass of chilled rosé! And a happy belated National Rosé Day!

Add your rosé wine cubes to a glass...

And fill with rosé wine...

Look at this amazing chilled glass of wine! There is nothing better than this on a steamy summer day!

Of course, these wine cubes aren't just for rosé wine. They work great for all wines! So try this and keep your wine chilled all summer long!

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