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Happy National Cheesesteak Day! Here’s how to make them at home…

March 24, 2024

Happy National Cheesesteak Day!

When I first moved to Philadelphia, I immediately fell in love with their cheesesteaks. There is no other sandwich like it! Everyone who visits us asks to go to Jim's, Pat's or Geno's to try them. And when you get to the counter you must know what you want. A popular order is "wit wiz" - meaning with Cheese Wiz and onions. We love American cheese in it too.

We think that the best cheesesteaks are the ones made right at home! Plus it is so much cheaper to make them yourself. Once you give it a try, you will always be craving this delicious taste of Philly. There is nothing like a piping hot cheesesteak with lots of cheese! Make one today!

How to make Philadelphia Cheesesteaks at home...


Shaved or chipped beef steak


American Cheese or Cheese Wiz

Salt and pepper

Optional: diced onions

Hoagie roll

  1. Add some oil to your pan or griddle.

  2. Add your beef steak and onions(if desired). Sprinkle on some salt and pepper.

  3. Take two spatulas and chop up the beef steak, while constantly tossing it with the onions so that everything cooks evenly.

  4. When the meat is cooked, put it in a pile approximately the same size as your hoagie roll.

  5. Add your cheese, give a sprinkle of water to the griddle and top with your hoagie roll. This steam from the water and hoagie roll helps to melt the cheese.

  6. Flip the hoagie roll over and make sure that your get all of that delicious beef steak, cheese and onion into the roll. Enjoy right away!

My husband makes the best cheesesteaks at home! I love that we are saving money and that we know that we are getting top quality meat too! Plus this means that I get a night off of cooking too! Try these at home. You will love this favorite Philly food!

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