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Healthy Greek Hummus Dip

February 11, 2024

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I love this day for all of the amazing food options! Eating appetizers for dinner is one of my favorites! I have all of our unhealthy faves prepping but I decided to make this one as a more healthy option...

I love this Greek Hummus Dip! A friend of mine made it for me a few years back and it's been one of my favorites ever since! The healthy flavors go so well together! I love the cool crunch of the veggies, with the hummus and feta!

The best part is that you can throw this easy appetizer together in minutes and it looks beautiful! I love to serve it with celery and carrot sticks or pita chips. Both are delicious! Trust me, this Greek Hummus Dip is always the healthy hit of the party!

Greek Hummus Dip


Container of hummus

1/4 cup of diced cucumber

1/4 cup of diced bell peppers

Handful of Kalamata olives, sliced

Feta cheese, crumbled

1/2 lemon

Olive oil (Wegmans Basting Oil is amazing on this!)

Freshly ground pepper

  1. Spread hummus into a thin layer on a plate or platter.

  2. Top with the cucumber, peppers and olives.

  3. Sprinkle the feta cheese on top of the veggies.

  4. Squeeze the lemon juice over the dip.

  5. Give a drizzle of olive oil

  6. Grind some fresh pepper on top and serve with pita chips, carrots and celery sticks.

Isn't this such a breeze to make? And it's so delicious!

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