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How to cut up a watermelon...

May 28, 2020

Yay!! The tastes of summer are arriving! And the taste of watermelon just screams summertime to me! There is nothing sweeter or more refreshing! But cutting it up can sometimes be a pain. Here is a super easy way to cut it up for a party platter. Right now my "party" is our "party of five". Hoping someday soon it will be with friends. Kids love how these are like "watermelon pops". They are the perfect size for kids hands. Here is how to cut it...

1. Cut the watermelon in half long ways.

2. Cut the outside walls of the watermelon off. Place the watermelon flesh side down and cut into long, equal strips.

3. Turn the watermelon and cut in the other direction so that you are cutting a square grid.

4. Turn the pieces over and arrange the "watermelon pops" on a platter.

My boys got to this platter before I could get a picture of it being full!! I told you that kids love the shape of these watermelon pops. And I love that it is so easy to cut up! Enjoy this taste of summer!

Check back later today. I will be sharing a great recipe for any leftover steak that you might have in your fridge from Memorial Day.

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