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How to grow vegetables from your veggie scraps…

September 3, 2022

Those who know me, know that I don't like to let anything to go to waste. In the spring of 2020 I started an experiment to find the best way to get vegetables to regrow from the scraps that I would usually just throw away. It was such a fun experiment! And I have been doing it ever since.

I started by regrowing green onions on my windowsill by placing them in a glass with some water. It is amazing how quickly the greens grew back! When the weather got warmer, I moved my veggie scrap garden outdoors. I planted those green onion ends (that I would usually just throw away) into a pot on my patio and the greens grew back even faster!

I loved that method so I planted the end piece from a head of lettuce and it grew great as well! But, I learned that my puppy loves lettuce too. Wilson kept on eating my lettuce! And still does! Even when I think that I have hidden it well.

I also planted the end piece of celery into a pot filled with soil and loved watching it sprout back to life! That celery stalk regrew over 16 inches tall. I love giving new life to things that you would normally just throw away.

And who doesn't love free food? Especially with how expensive our grocery bills are right now. Try this! It is so much fun!

Here are my green onion ends that grew in a small glass of water…

And in warm weather, I love to grow them outside!

Look at those fresh celery sprouts from the end of a piece that I would normally just throw away!

Oh Wilson! Does this sweet puppy face look like a lettuce lover to you? He find it every time! Look at this before and after…

And the celery keeps on growing!

Look at how much it grew!

This has been such a fun experiment for me! I love my vegetable scrap garden. As the days and nights get colder, I will have to go back to the windowsill garden. Give this a shot! It is so fun and rewarding!

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