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I am back in Seven Springs again...

August 17, 2020

This has been a different kind of summer for all of us. Hasn't it? We decided to surprise the boys, leave camp, and take them to Seven Springs Resort for the day and do their outdoor adventure pass. I grew up going to Seven Springs and loved visiting this lodge off season - where we could swim, play miniature golf and go bowling! And I loved their alpine slide! Now there is even more to do here in the off season and I had a blast being back there with my family again! The lodge hasn't changed a bit!

All of my years of visiting Seven Springs, I never even knew that this lake existed at the top of the mountain. It is called "Lake Tahoe"! So YES, we went to Lake Tahoe this summer! The Lake Tahoe in Pennsylvania!!

Summer tubing...

The Alpine Slide...

Rock Climbing...

Now it is time to chill back at camp for the night. I had the best time sharing this special place from my childhood with my family tonight! I will be going to bed tonight with a full and happy heart!

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