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Instant Sangria

May 1, 2020

I know the saying "life is too short to drink cheap wine". But in quarantine, the rules are changing because "my wine/liquor cabinet is getting too empty to throw cheap wine down the drain"!

I am guilty of buying wine because of the label. Well, I just opened one of them and it was AWFUL!! So, I have a new saying, "when life gives you bad wine, make sangria"! That wine is actually delish now. Definitely try it! Cheers 🍷

Ice Cubes

1/4 cup lemonade

1/2 cup wine (red or white)

Nice splash of vodka

Fresh fruit, chopped

Just put ice cubes into a large glass, add lemonade, wine, vodka and give a good stir. Squeeze citrus fruits in it and add whatever you have on hand into the glass. Give a good stir and sip. Yum!! Cheers!


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