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It has been a great first day back in Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania

August 15, 2020

It is so much fun to be back here again! We set up camp last night and had so much fun exploring Ohiopyle, Pennsylvania today. It has changed a bit but thankfully not too much. The general store is a lot fancier on the outside but it is just as I remember on the inside. The railroad that they turned into a bike trail is still the same and the town still has all of the same stores and buildings that I loved to visit in my youth.

I am most thankful that the natural waterslides are exactly the same! I love that you can still slide down them at your own risk! This was always one of my favorite things to do in Ohiopyle when I was their age and thankfully it was theirs too. We hit the natural waterslides twice today! Because after can't beat the price of a free and natural water park!

I love it here and can't wait to explore the area some more tomorrow.

Above is our "Home Sweet Home" for a few nights. And below are the railroad lines that they turned into bike trails...

Our favorite part of Ohiopyle - the natural waterslides!

The swimming hole...

Wilson loved splashing around in the swimming hole too!

There was no "Caution" sign when I was little. But I am just so thankful that the natural water slides were exactly the same!

The General Store...

Wilson is nice and tired after a full day of hiking and swimming...

I am so excited to go and explore another special vacation spot from my childhood tomorrow! I hope that everyone had a great day!

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