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Mojito Cocktail

June 19, 2020

I don't know why but it seems to rain every Friday night! Honestly! I needed a refreshing cocktail to brighten this dreary night! So I decided on a Mojito. It is one of my favorite cocktails to order when we go to the Riviera Maya in Mexico. A Mojito is such a light and refreshing drink with the crisp taste of lime! Perfect for a hot summer night!



12 fresh mint leaves

1/2 lime, quartered


2 tbsp simple syrup (please click the link below for the recipe)

2 oz. Rum

Can of lime seltzer or club soda

  1. Muddle the mint leaves and lime quarters together with a spoon in a tall glass.

  2. Fill the glass with ice.

  3. Pour in the rum.

  4. Add the simple syrup and fill the glass with seltzer water or club soda.

  5. Give a good stir and you are ready to enjoy your refreshing Mojito.

Note: This recipe makes one cocktail

Simple Syrup Recipe

One sip brings me back to the beaches of the Riviera Maya! You will want to keep making these Mojitos all summer long! Cheers!

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