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My patio garden...

July 12, 2021

Every year I have grand plans of digging out a large garden in our back yard, with a fence around it to keep the deer out. But then the reality of a busy, spring sports schedule takes charge and it never happens. looks like another year for my patio garden!

We get a lot of deer in the woods behind my house so this patio garden, protected by boxwoods, works out great! This year I planted snap peas, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini in my small patio garden bed...

I love my large herb, flower and veggie scrap garden. I plant all of those in large pots on the patio and it make me so happy to view these colors and textures from my kitchen.

You might wonder...what is a veggie scrap garden? I always replant my lettuce and green onion ends so that they regrow. It works great! Look at these beautiful green onions that grew from parts that I used to just throw away. Now I always have green onions!

It makes me so happy to see these vegetables grow taller and stronger each day...

The best reward of gardening is when these tomatoes will be large, red and ripe for picking! Don't you agree? There is nothing better!

What are you growing this summer?

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