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My patio vegetable garden after the storm...

August 5, 2020

I have some wonderful news! Our power is back on and the clean up from the Tropical Storm Isaias has begun. This storm was super hard on my patio vegetable garden. Especially my tomato plants. The strong winds and rain literally bent all of my tomato plants in half.

I have loved watching this garden grow and I am not giving up on it. While I was cleaning up all of the sticks and limbs from our yard, a thought came into my head! I decided to repurpose those sticks and use them to stake my sad looking tomato plants to. It's not the prettiest but it worked out great!! And I love that the tree limbs that got damaged in the storm are now holding up my tomato plants that got beat up in the storm.

I think that this works great!! My tomato plants are looking happier already! Just like these trees and tomatoes, we will grow stronger through this different type of time!

My sad tomato plants after the tropical storm...

Don't they look so much happier now being staked up to the limbs that we lost in the storm?

I cannot wait for these tomatoes to ripen!

Sadly my zucchini didn't make it but it looks like an animal may have gotten to it maybe?

But overall, I am happy to say that I think that most of my patio vegetable garden will be okay! Thank goodness!!

I am thinking of you all and hope that everyone is healthy and safe after that tropical storm!

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