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My patio vegetable garden in the fall...

September 22, 2020

Happy first day of fall! I love this time of the year but I am hanging onto every last bit of summer that I can. It went by so fast!

The days are getting colder and I know that my small patio vegetable garden will quit producing soon. Here is a bowl vegetables from today's harvest. I love going out every day to see what is ready to be picked. My peppers did not do as well as I was hoping they would do. And my tomato plants seem to be ripening late. But I love fresh tomatoes whenever I can get them so that is fine by me!

It has been so much fun growing vegetables this summer! Here is the "before" photo for my patio vegetable garden...

And just look at what this garden grew up to become...

And I love that it is still producing! Especially all of the tomatoes!

Even my cucumber plant loves pink flowers as much as I do!

I love going out every day to see what is ripe and was super excited to be able to fill this bowl today...

These days it is the little things like this that make me happy! Fall is here but I am still enjoying these tastes of summer!

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