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O Christmas Tree…

November 6, 2022

“Little full. Lotta sap.” ~from Christmas Vacation

We went total Griswold this Christmas! This year we went to our local tree farm, where all trees were only $55. So we went in with a mission to get our money’s worth and find the biggest tree in the lot. Mission accomplished! We got one that was 14 feet tall! And it’s a beautiful tree!

I am so thankful for this fun memory with my boys! I know to appreciate these times. We had a blast!

Aren’t Christmas and holiday memories and laughs the best?

We found our tree and it's time to cut it down...

We didn't even have to rope it onto the truck. We just had to wedge it in the back!


This tree makes my 6'4" son look tiny, doesn't it?!

Now it is time to decorate it! I just love this time of the year!

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