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Our Grandma's were "green" before it was a thing...

April 16, 2020

Another “retro” quarantine tip...hang your clothes on the line and use the sun to dry your clothes.

This quarantine has changed our life in so many ways. Our electric company will love us!! Since my boys are learning from home now, everyone is constantly on some sort of device. And when they aren’t, they are on the Xbox or watching tv - of course while making sure that they have left every light in the house on.

I use this collapsible clothes line in my patio table. I put it where the umbrella goes and it works great! Then you can take it out when you’re done and put the umbrella back in for dinner.

Our grandmothers were smart ladies! Let the sun do the work and save money. And trust me, there is nothing better than crisp sheets that just came off of the line. They just smell like Spring!

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