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Paula Deen's Best Ham Salad Sandwich Recipe

April 20, 2022

Ham salad is one of my favorites! And it is the perfect recipe for leftover ham and hard boiled eggs from Easter. This is one recipe that I look forward to all year long!

I always follow Paula Deen's ham salad recipe because let's face it...she is the queen of comfort food and this ham salad truly is the BEST!! Rather than finely mincing things like her recipe calls for, I keep it fast and easy and chop it all up in the food processor. It takes minutes to make this ham salad and it makes the most delicious sandwich! Or an appetizer, with crackers! I think that I might need to start making this much more than just once a year!

Paula Deen's Best Ham Salad Sandwich Recipe


2 cups of ham, diced

1 cup of celery, diced

1/4 cup of sweet onion, diced

1 tsp Dijon mustard

2 hard boiled eggs, sliced

1/4 cup relish, drained

1/2 cup mayonnaise

Fresh cracked pepper

  1. Add the ham to your food processor and pulse until the ham is chopped up.

  2. Add the rest of your ingredients to the food processor and turn it on until the ham salad is mixed together finely.

  3. Chill the ham salad until you are ready to serve.

  4. Serve on bread as a sandwich or on crackers as an appetizer.

Trust me...if you have never had ham salad before, you have to try this easy and delicious recipe! I could honestly sit here on my porch all day eating ham salad sandwiches and crackers! The ultimate, classic comfort food!

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