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Paula Deen's Ham Salad

April 13, 2020

Pulling out a retro recipe! I always loved my Grandma’s Ham Salad but don’t know her recipe. So I turned to one of my favorites for a recipe...Paula Deen to the rescue! I followed her recipe but decided that I don’t have time to “finely dice” and “mince”. Heck, I’m cooking 2-3 meals a day for my family. Who has time to do that when the ham is already in the food processor?! So, I decided to let the food processor do all of the work! Perfect way to use your leftover ham and hard boiled eggs from Easter!

My boys loved it! And I decided to eat this lunch on my Grandma’s dishes and use the napkin that she cross stitched. Enjoy this easy treat!

Note: Best served on crackers or spread onto bread to make a yummy sandwich!

Recipe Courtesy of Paula Deen

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