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Perfect Peonies...

June 6, 2021

If you had to pick your favorite flower, what would it be? Mine are peonies! To me they are the most perfect flower! I love their gorgeous colors, their soft and fluffy petals and their large, perfect blooms!

I have a few peony bushes in our backyard. This time of the year, I go out every day to see if they are ready to be picked. Waiting for their buds to bloom is like waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. I love it when I go out there and they are ready to be clipped. The gorgeous pillowy peonies always make the most perfect centerpieces. And I especially love them in my grandma's old teapot!

Which summertime flower do you look forward to see bloom?

The many stages of anticipating a perfect peony bloom...

Ready to be picked...

Pink peony perfection!

Makes me so happy to see!! I took time out for a coffee break to stop and smell the peonies! I have been patiently waiting for these beautiful blooms and it was SO worth it!

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