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Regrowing celery...

July 25, 2020

Over this quarantine I have discovered how much fun it is to regrow vegetables from the scraps that you would usually just throw away. If you have been following, you know that I have had great success in regrowing green onions and lettuce. But I was having a hard time getting celery to sprout again. Until now....

Yay! I finally found a way that is successful in getting the celery to grow again and it couldn't be easier! I just took the entire end piece of the celery and planted it in a pot on my patio with my green onions and voila! Just three days later it started to sprout and it gets taller every day! I will keep you posted on its progress! Look at how much it had grown in just one week!

Day 1...

Day 3..

Day 7...

I love watching my patio vegetable grow more each day! And I really love regrowing vegetables from scraps! You should try it!

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