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Remembering our trip to Lunenberg, Nova Scotia...

June 29, 2020

We are missing our big road trip in a big way this summer! Two years ago we traveled south from Cape Breton to Lunenberg, Nova Scotia. It was supposed to be a nice easy drive. We were so close to arriving to our motel when we found a cool dirt road that would be a "short cut". Little did we know that the dirt road would lead us into a huge Christmas tree farm. These roads were clearly meant for for big 4 wheel drive trucks. Not a Honda minivan at all. We almost got stuck but thankfully was able to turn my minivan around and head back to that beautiful paved road. I have never appreciated a paved road more.

It was worth it when we arrived to the port town of Lunenberg, on the south shore of Nova Scotia. This quaint town was founded in 1753 and is known for its brightly painted buildings and street signs. It was also home to the famous ship, Bluenose. We fell in love with this town and the area!

After checking into our motel, we went back into town and ate at a waterfront restaurant. I don't know if it is because I never thought that we would get out of that tree farm or what - but they had the most delicious hot crab dip that I have ever had! Amazing! I tried duplicating it when we got home and it was so yummy! Check back later for this recipe!!

Nearby Blue Rocks is a picturesque fishing village and artist community...

And the 3 Churches of Mahoney Bay was a perfect spot for a picnic lunch...

We enjoyed exploring beautiful southern Nova Scotia. Be sure to look for my hot cab dip recipe later today!

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