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Spa Water at Home

July 27, 2021

I just love the infused and fancy water that you get served at the spa or in a hotel lobby. I am always trying to drink more water. Especially on a hot summer day. So I always save the tops of my strawberries when I am cutting them up so that I can make my own "fancy" water it home! It is so refreshing and I love how the red strawberries turn my water into a beautiful pink color! Add some cucumbers and mint to this and it is the perfect drink to hydrate you!

Homemade Spa Water



Mint leaves

Cucumber, sliced


Simply add the strawberries, mint leaves and cucumber slices to a pitcher. Fill the pitcher with water and let it infuse for it least 2 hours or up to 24 hours. Fill a glass with ice and pour in this delicious and refreshing infused water. Enjoy!

Honestly! This beautiful pink infused water is so refreshing on a hot summer day! It is so flavorful and makes it so easy to hydrate and drink more water, all day long!

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