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Sparkling Pink Lemonade Cocktail

August 7, 2020

Happy Friday! I am so excited to kick off my weekend with this Sparkling Pink Lemonade Cocktail! Because on a hot summer day, pink lemonade always hits the spot! It is such a light, crisp and refreshing cocktail! You will love it!

Sparkling Pink Lemonade Cocktail


2 oz. pink lemonade vodka

1/4 to 1/2 cup pink lemonade (depending on how sweet you like your cocktails)

Club soda


Lemon or lime slices

  1. Fill a tall glass up with ice.

  2. Add the vodka and pink lemonade to the glass.

  3. Top off the glass with club soda and garnish with lime or lemon slices.

I just love pink and green together so I always garnish with lime slices!

This refreshing cocktail is perfect for the summer! I must warn you that it goes down easy! So delicious! Cheers to a wonderful fun filled weekend!

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