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Strawberry Martini

September 18, 2020

Happy Friday everyone! We made it through the second week of school and the weather is amazing tonight. You can feel the air changing.

It is time for a special Friday night cocktail to kick off the weekend! I was in the mood for a Strawberry Martini tonight. I love how crisp and fresh it tastes! And this mom of three boys loves any excuse to add some extra pink into my life!

Strawberry Martini Recipe

Makes one serving


Ice cubes

1 fresh strawberry

2 tsp strawberry preserves

3 oz. vodka or strawberry vodka

  1. Blend together the fresh strawberry with the strawberry preserves. I like to use my personal smoothie blender for this.

  2. Fill a cocktail shaker up with ice.

  3. Add the strawberry puree to the ice filled cocktail shaker.

  4. Add the vodka to the cocktail shaker.

  5. Give the cocktail shaker some good shakes so that the strawberries and vodka mix together and get nice and cold.

  6. Pour into a martini glass and enjoy right away.

Please note that a mason jar works great for this is you do not have a cocktail shaker.

Ahhhh! I look forward to a special Friday night cocktail all week. This is such a perfect night to just chill on our porch. I love a little chill to the air. Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

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