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Strawberry Mojito

April 30, 2022

Last night was such a fun and memorable one! A dear friend of ours turned 50 in 2020 and we weren't able to properly celebrate that special milestone birthday. So two years later, a friend generously hosted the most incredible poolside birthday party for her! Everything was perfect...the weather, the friends, the food, the cake, the cocktails and the laughs! I needed an afternoon and night like that! Cheers to the hostess with the mostess, our friends and birthday girl!

For my "Friday Night Cocktail" I picked out one of the signature cocktails...a Strawberry Mojito. What a refreshing cocktail! It is absolutely perfect for springtime. I love the combination of the strawberries, mint and lime together! It is such a light and fresh tasting cocktail. You will love it! Here's an easy way to make it...

Strawberry Mojito


2 Lime Wedges

1/4 cup of Strawberries, sliced

3 to 5 Mint Sprigs

1 tsp Sugar

Ice cubes

2 oz. Light Rum

Soda Water

Garnish: Lime and Mint

  1. In a serving glass, muddle the lime wedges, strawberries, mint sprigs and sugar together until the sugar dissolves.

  2. Fill the glass with ice cubes.

  3. Add the rum to your glass and top off with soda water.

  4. Garnish with lime and mint and enjoy right away.

Look at all of the signature cocktails for this special birthday party...

Check out this fabulous champagne cart! Every party should have one of those...

My Strawberry Mojito...

I must say that this Strawberry Mojito was incredible! I will definitely be making this cocktail a lot this spring and summer! It truly is such a refreshing drink!

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