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Summer Solstice Storm

June 22, 2021

" There is peace even in the storm."

-Vincent van Gogh

I look forward to the summer solstice every year! I love that it means that summer is officially here. I love that it is the longest day of the year!

This year was a bit different. We were waiting for our son's basketball game to start and this huge storm front headed in fast. Thankfully they cancelled the game before the rain started and we had a relaxing night at home, listening to the thunderstorm.

I love summer thunderstorms. I love being outside and feeling the air change as the storm approaches. Summer storms bring such energy and peacefulness. Do you like thunderstorms too?

Don't these swirls of the storm clouds even look like the brush strokes in Van Gogh's paintings? He is right. There is peace in a storm.

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