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Sunshine Iced Tea

April 20, 2020

Anyone who knows me and has sat on the sidelines with me at my boys football and lacrosse games will tell you that I have a guilty pleasure...I LOVE McDonalds unsweetened iced tea with three lemons. The best $1.06 ever spent! I need that caffeine when I am driving from one sport to the next! My husband has an addiction to Wawa’s green tea 🤣 I don’t think that I stocked up on quite enough sugar during this quarantine to try and recreate his tea but I can make mine!! While avoiding the germ-filled drive thru. And bonus!!! I have lemons!!

6 bags of tea (any kind that you have)

Pitcher of water

Simple as can be! Just put the tea into the pitcher and fill with water. Cover it with plastic wrap and place into the sun for three hours and you have tea!

I don’t even know what day it is anymore but I do know that it’s been over a month since I last had McD’s iced tea. This glass tastes like heaven right now!!! 🍋

Can’t wait to be back on those sidelines again with my friends and cheering us ALL on with my iced tea in hand! Cheers!!

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