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Sweet Quarantine 16 - my, how the years fly by...

May 21, 2020

Happy Quarantine Sixteen to my oldest! To the one who made my dream of becoming a mom a reality. I am so incredibly thankful for the slowdown that quarantine has brought to our family. Not too long ago we were running like crazy - juggling sports, work and school and he was growing up at the fastest speed ever. I was in a panic because I knew that I had just 2 1/2 years with him before he went off to college. We hardly got to hang out because life was so busy.

I am loving this part of quarantine! It may not have been the 16th birthday that he imagined but it was an awesome day! He isn't able to get his Driver's Permit but he DID get a license today...a fishing license and we spent the day doing what he loves! Fishing!!

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