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The tastes of my hometown...

December 18, 2021

What is your favorite type of Christmas gifts to receive?

In this house of growing, hungry teenager boys - the gift of food is always a hit! Every year my aunt and uncle generously send us these sandwich kit boxes from our favorite Pittsburgh restaurant...Primanti Bros.!

If you are from Pittsburgh or have visited my hometown, then you probably know all about this iconic sandwich, that is like no other! Warm capicola, pastrami and provolone cheese, crisp coleslaw, tomatoes and french fries sandwiched between two soft pieces of fresh Italian bread! And don't forget the hot sauce!

Trust me, there is nothing like a Primanti Bros. sandwich! This gift is such a treat and I love how one bite takes me right back to my days in the Burgh!!

YUM! Just look...

Our house gets SO excited when this amazing Primanti Bros. sandwich kit arrives from my aunt and uncle...

Dinner is served...

Just look at this amazing sandwich?! Always a hit and it is always our favorite!

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