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Time to write our Christmas cards...

December 16, 2020

I am curious...are you sending Christmas cards out this year?

I debated on whether or not to skip sending Christmas cards this year. Last year I had so much fun creating my card with pictures from our road trip out west. We drove to Colorado, Utah and Arizona and visited 5 National Parks. It was the best trip ever! This year, the furthest west that we got was camping in West Virginia and western Pennsylvania. There were no long road trip adventures for 2020.

But it got me thinking...we need Christmas cards now more than ever this year! I love the excitement of checking my mailbox. And I love seeing how much our friends kids have grown. Receiving Christmas cards in the mail is one of my favorite parts of this crazy year! It makes me feel connected again.

We are supposed to get a lot of snow tonight. The first flakes just started to fall. It is the perfect day to start writing my Christmas cards!

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