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Turn vegetable scraps into a garden...

May 22, 2020

Growing Vegetables from Scraps

As you know, I do not like to waste food. Especially during this quarantine. So I tried growing vegetables from the scraps that would normally be discarded and it really works!

Green Onions:

Cut off the green and top white portion and use. Save the bottoms and put them in a cup of water. Change the water daily and you will start to see new greens start to sprout in just a few days!


Don't throw away the bottom part of your lettuce head. Instead, plant it in dirt and watch as new, fresh lettuce regrows!!


Celery is my newest try! It starts just as the green onions. Put the celery end in water and watch as new stalks grow. Then you can transplant into dirt.

I will keep you posted with my "Veggie Scrap Garden" progress!

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