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We finally made it to the beach!

August 14, 2020

We love the beach! But all of our vacations this year have been tent camping. On our last camping trip, my youngest told me that he just wanted to go to the beach and "relax". It cracked me up but I was feeling the same way. We love the beach and it had been over a year since we last had our toes in the sand.

So when my husband was invited down to the beach for a guys weekend, I knew that we needed to get to the beach too! I found a hotel room in Dewey Beach, Delaware and decided to get away for the weekend, with my three sons. I am so glad that we did! It felt so great to be back there again! I love the beach in September. The crowds are gone and the ocean water is warm. It was so great to smell the salt air and hear those ocean waves again!

I love the special memories that were made with my teenage sons. They are growing up so fast and I am thankful for a fun and memorable weekend together at the beach!! This pandemic has taught me to appreciate each and every day!! And those were three days that I will never forget!

A cloudy day at the beach is MUCH better than a cloudy day at home! So relaxing!

The rain came at the perfect timing! We had to go back to the hotel for "virtual school" anyway...

Thankfully the sun did come out!

And we found an awesome fishing spot on the bay...

I love the little treats in life - like a weekend getaway! This was just what we needed! Especially before fall sports really pick up. I am feeling very thankful!

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